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We very much look forward to welcoming guests back to Dartmouth the garDEN studio & the apartment from the 4th of July2020. For your peace of mind, we would like to assure our guests of the extra care we are taking due to COVID-19. While we still have to be aware of this infection we will have to make a few minor changes in the interests of everyone's safety.

We also would request guests help with a few procedures on departure. Thank you to all our guests for working with us on this.

Simon & I are committed to an enhanced cleaning routine to reset for each guest for the foreseeable future. Here is a checklist of what we are doing to keep everyone as safe as possible. It is a learning curve for us as well. Apologies if there are slightly less of the accessories that make a house a home, but we are putting them out in rotation, so it will not be completely bare!

UPDATE/20th October 2020 - Guests who live in tier 3 restricted areas or localised lockdowns have been advised by the government not to travel outisde their local area but are not prevented by law from travelling. As long as you are not in a period of quarantine after overseas travel, isolation due to COVID-19 or showing symptoms, your reservation is still secure. If you develop Covid-19 symptoms during or shortly after your stay please inform us immediately. We are constantly reviewing the procedures we have in place.

We are using approved products for sanitising & using a fogging machine to apply a fine sanitising mist to every surface and allowing to air dry. This cleaner sanitiser product has been developed and proven effective against the Coronavirus microbes when used. It is available to commercial users and recommended and supplied to us by a well respected commercial cleaning company. Virabact conforms to BS EN 14476 and is proven to be effective against enveloped viruses on non-porous hard surfaces, including all coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2, ensuring inactivation of 99.99% of these pathogens after a contact time of 5 minutes. Also tested to BS EN 1276 killing 99.999% of germs within 5 minutes and is effective against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae and Escherichia Coli.

the apARTment Fogging machine

We have completed a Covid-19 Risk Assessment for short Term Holiday rentals & Self-catering Properties as recommended by the government. We have created a cleaning plan/checklist to maximise the new cleaning process & minimise risk to guests & ourselves. Only Simon & Theresa Hart enter the property each week for changeovers. We will be wearing appropriate PPE including disposable gloves, masks, glasses, shoes coverings & aprons. Self-check-in via the key lockbox:- We are still on hand to say a distanced hello & help with any queries. We regret we must minimise face to face contact with guests or entering the property once guests have arrived. High use touch-points:- Sanitised after each guest. We will leave a small pack containing hand sanitiser, Virabact multi-use cleaner, gloves and surface wipes in case guests would like to repeat the process on frequently touched surfaces. Please leave the refillable containers behind for the next guest, thank you. Hand wash is available for guests to use. Cleaning products are all kept in the cupboard to the left of the cooker in the kitchen in the apARTment & under the sink in the garDEN studio. The hoover bag will be changed after each guest & any water in toilets, sinks, taps & showers flushed through and showerhead sanitised. We have a full set rotation of bed pillows and previous guests pillows will be isolated during the next guests stays for a minimum of 3 days, often longer. Guests may prefer to bring their own. The throws, sofa cushions, decorative cushions in bedrooms & kitchen are now in 2 collections being rotated after each guest. If it is out when you arrive it has been isolated for a minimum of 3 days, often longer. Books, tourism guides, magazines have been removed or are being rotated. Bed Laundry and towels:- Is all washed and ironed by us, on-site at maximum temperatures. Will be bagged and stored after each guest for 3 days before being washed. (We would be most grateful if guests would leave the bed linen & towels in the 2 bin liners provided & ventilate rooms with open windows on the day you leave, if possible, thank you) We will allocate adequate timing for the enhanced cleaning process. For the time being, we will need to ask guests where possible to check- out by 10 AM & check-in at 4 pm. The parking space should be available from 10 am so you are most welcome to park up & enjoy the day. Please note the Summer House & hot tub are also used by our family & not sanitised with the fogger every week so unfortunately it is not advisable to use them for the time being. We will make sure we have all guests contact details in the event of needing to trace anyone. Advice was taken from the following:-

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