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Little Nanny's Lemon Cake

When we can, we try & home bake a little something for our guest's arrival. Some of our faves are Chocolate Brownies, Banana Cake, Cumin Cake, Carrot cake & our staple - lemon cake! We have had some great compliments on the Lemon Cake, (I think people genuinely seem to like it anyway!) so I thought we could share it here in case you want to have a go. This recipe has been handed down in the Hart family from Little Nanny Joyce Hart. I am not a believer in keeping recipes top-secret, recipes were meant for sharing. Little Nanny, aka Joyce Hart sent it to me in a letter, so in her own handwriting, So here it is! (well used & abused in the kitchen, on the side measurements are for making 1, we always make 2 as it freezes really well. x)


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