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Hoodown Woods Walk, Kingswear

It is hard to believe we have been here 20 years & lock down was the excuse we needed to do this walk. Just shows that you can miss the most stunning scenery right on your door step. Over the last year we have done this walk dozens of times with different variations starting from Dartmouth at the Higher Ferry or the Lower ferry crossing. Which ever way you approach it is guaranteed not to disappoint. Maybe tie it in with refuel either at The Dart Marina by the Higher Ferry, The Steam Packet in Kingswear or Bayards Cove Inn, Rock Fish Take Away or Dartmouth Arms as you step off the lower Ferry near Bayards Cove.

There is no right way or wrong way to explore Hoodown Woods & I don't want to take away the magic of a spontaneous decison & adventure. Tune into your inner compass & you can not go wrong. A few pointers to help you choose your route:- If going via the Lower Ferry, we started our walk near the creek. Winding up through the woods there are several paths you can take. If approaching from the Higher Ferry, about 50 yards up the road on the opposite side there is a path way to take you up into the woods, or start straight out along path which runs along side the railway track near the Higher Ferry slip. Half way along the track there is a detour to take you up into the woods. Walk further towards Dart Haven Marina there is another crossing over the railway line. Either way you need to go up into the woods. When you reach the top, turn left to head back towards Higher Ferry or right to the Lower Ferry. For me the best views were from the train track looking back towards Dartmouth or on the higher pathway at the top of the woods, going just a bit further than the path back to the Higher Ferry along the private road. You will be looking over the tops of some spectacular houses towards the Dart Marina Hotel, BRNC training pontoons & Old Mill Creek.


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